Friday, 17 April 2009

Susan Coolidge

Both my daughters have been quite poorly this week. Last-minute appointments with the GP, several trips to the chemist and late-night phone calls to NHS Direct have meant abandoning my tbr list, but I have been reading to the girls amidst boxes of tissues, Strepsils, antihistamines, Olbas oil, Nurofen, and (sorry) a bowl waiting in case anybody was sick.

Although my daughters are not especially interested in classic children's books, preferring the social realism of Jean Ure and Jacqueline Wilson, they have really enjoyed Susan Coolidge's What Katy Did. I'd forgotten how funny it is. We particularly liked the extract from Dorry's journal.

March 25 - Forgit what did,

March 27 - Forgit what did.

March 29 - Played.

March 31- Forgit what did.

April 1 - Have dissided not to kepe a jurnal enny more.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girls to be read such a great book! I do hope they both get better soon.
I have loved What Katy Did forever; no surprise that it still appeals to girls. I like Jean Ure and Jacqueline Wilson, too!

kristina said...

That sounds exactly like the journals I used to keep (or try to keep) when I was young. My blog is the best I've ever done journal-wise!

I remember reading about What Katy Did in Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer. Perhaps when everyone is feeling well again, you can try the recipe for Katy's Paradise Picnic Pie!

K x

zetor said...

Those lines remind me of my own journal entries many years ago. Hope your daughters are improving!

Vintage Reading said...

The girls are slowly improving thanks.

I keep a reading journal as well as the blog, but I update the blog far more regularly. I haven't read the Cherry Cake ... book. Nice idea to collate recipes from children's lit.

Cath said...

Sorry to hear your family hasn't been well... still a lot of winter ills doing the rounds I think. Your 'What Katy Did' extract made me laugh and really took me back to when I read these as a child. I'd completely forgotten that they were funny. Perhaps a reread should be on the agenda.

Vintage Reading said...

Thanks for your kind words Cath!