Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Library book club is coming up and the selection for this month is Lady Chatterley's Lover. Re-written three times before D H Lawrence died in 1930 and the subject of an obscenity trial the book was finally published in 1960. Although quite explicit there is not much that would shock any reader of contemporary fiction now but I can see how it caused a stir in its day!

Lady Constance Chatterley begins an affair with her invalid husband's gamekeeper, Mellors, and many passionate trysts take place in the grounds of Wragby Hall. There are some beautiful descriptions of an English woodland spring and I rather liked the acid wit of Clifford Chatterley, but ultimately all the characters in this novel are so selfish and unpleasant that I didn't care much what happened to any of them.

When I got home from work today my Persephone Biannually with matching floral bookmark was on the mat. How nice!


_lethe_ said...

I'm still awaiting the Biannually. From which book is the bookmark you received?

Vintage Reading said...

lethe, hi. It's a pale blue floral bookmark from a new Persephone title, Amours de Voyage by Arthur Hugh Clough. (Never heard of him, but I suppose that is why he is being re-published!)

kristina said...

Do hope my Persephone Biannually and bookmark come soon! Just had a look at the new website last night... K x

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

My Biannually plus bookmark came on Saturday; delightful. I've never read Elizabeth Taylor but you make her sound worth it. I can't believe that you found unopened Virago books; what a treat — even if you owned some of them already.

There is a film called "The Chatterley Affair" about the obscenity trial and how reading the book affects the members of the jury. I found it an intriguing idea. I agree that the book seems dated and not a lot of likable characters.

Vintage Reading said...

Enjoy browsing through your Persephone catalogue. Love the flower pics on your blog, by the way. Nicola