Sunday, 20 September 2009

Elizabeth Jane Howard

Ah, lovely September sunshine. I decided to give Elizabeth Jane Howard a whirl as I've had some positive comments about her novels on my blog. Rather than commit to the four volume Cazalet series I thought I'd start with Love All. How can you not love a novel with a central character called Persephone Plover?! Her writing reminds me a little of Jilly Cooper - a large cast of upper-class characters and a pervading Englishness. I'll let you know how I get on.

Talking of Jilly Cooper, has anyone ever read her 'girl' series - Harriet, Emily, Octavia, Bella and Imogen? My sister and I loved them when we were younger.


Steph said...

I've never heard of this author, but I agree that Persephone Plover is a lovely name for a heroine! I'm really looking forward to hearing about this one when you're finished.

alice c said...

I adore the Cazalet series but am less enthusiastic about some of the later books by EJH.

We were in Cambridge at the weekend and were amused to see that tne University Croquet Team features Persephone Bridgman Baker - a name to savour.

minervamouse said...

I do hope you enjoy Elizabeth Jane Howard and look forward to seeing what you think of this book as it is one I haven't read yet although I have read most her others and have often recommended her to people.
I read a few of the early Jilly Cooper books when I was in my teens (longer ago than I like to admit) and enjoyed them although I'm not a great fan of her later stuff. Can't remember a great deal about them now, not even which ones I read but I still recall her describing a character as being 'madder than a boiled squirrel' which amused me greatly!

Anonymous said...

I love the Cazalet books, but haven't tried any of EJH's other novels. Persephone Plover is a jewel of a name. I'll definitely look out for them when I'm browsing for books.

kristina said...

Will be really interested to hear what you think. I've seen her books so many times in the shop but haven't read one yet... K x

Sarah said...

I also love The Cazalet books, but haven't read anything else by EJH. I'll be interesed to hear about this one.

Vintage Reading said...

Steph, yes Persephone is a great name. This one is known variously as Percy and Zephie.

alice c, yes, I suspect Love All is not EJH's finest work although it's very readable. I must read the Cazelet series.

minervamouse, I'm not a fan of Coopers raunchier blockbuster novels but I was fond of the girl novels. Madder than a boiled squirrel, indeed!

makedoandread, hi, another Cazelet recommendation - I'm going to order the first novel in the quartet.

kristina, Pan have re-issued several Howard novels with very nice covers. Put them on your Christmas list!

Sarah, I can't believe I've not discovered EJH before. A warm and perceptive writer.