Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I don't have a tbr pile. Too many unread books are a source of stress to me! I prefer to have just one book waiting. Right now I'm reading The Song of the Lark by Willa Cather (another big pbk with 500+ pages). I have Rosamond Lehmann waiting and the Sarah Orne Jewett on order.

I noticed in the Daily Mail book review pages last Friday a section called Retro Fiction with a review of a Barbara Pym novel. Pym is not a favourite of mine but it's nice to see that the mainstream media are reclaiming women writers of the twentieth century.


Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

I will be interested to read your comments on "Invitation to the Waltz." I read some Lehman novels when our local feminist bookstore opened in the 70s. I remember liking them a great deal — but I've completely forgotten the gist of the stories. I used to think that meant they couldn't have been that good, but now I know that it's just a case of shoving one thing out of my brain to make room for another!

Vintage Reading said...

Linda, I do like Lehmann's poetic style but I don't know if she'll go on my all-time favourites list. I'll read this and Dusty Answer and see how I get on.