Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sarah Orne Jewett

It's arrived. According to my local independent bookseller I have the only copy currently available in the UK. Don't know if he was kidding or not. Can't wait to start this but I'm hugely enjoying the Willa Cather, too.

No I didn't make the flapjack myself ... gotta book to read!


Tara said...

Really? The only one -wow!

Trevor said...

Coming onto your site for the first time, and love that you're reading Sarah Orne Jewett and Willa Cather, two of my favorite authors! Two I need to sit down with again soon!

Vintage Reading said...

Trevor, thanks for dropping by. Willa Cather fans always welcome. I've got to go to work now but I'm going to browse your blog when I get home - looks good! Nicola