Friday, 17 October 2008

The Railway Children

I've been reading The Treasure Seekers and The Railway Children by E Nesbit because I'm studying for an MA in Children's Literature. The Railway Children is the story of Roberta, Phyllis and Peter who have to leave their big London house when their father is mysteriously taken away. The children go to live in the countryside with their mother and the discovery of the local railway line and station leads to new friendships and adventures.

I didn't read E Nesbit as a child and I don't have the affection for her books that I have for, say, Noel Streatfeild or Enid Blyton. At times, the sexism in The Railway Children is infuriating, but of course it was published in 1906 when the world was a different place. The character of twelve-year old Bobby (Roberta) is the most appealing aspect of The Railway Children for me and I loved the illustrations by C E Brock.

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