Friday, 3 October 2008

Charlotte Bronte

I'm not the fastest reader in the world and the density of Victorian prose requires concentration so it has taken me a couple of weeks to read the enjoyable 600+ page novel Shirley by Charlotte Bronte. Shirley has two female heroines, Caroline Helstone, who is quiet, shy, graceful and hopelessly in love with the dour mill-owner, Robert Moore. Caroline is the epitome of demure womanhood, but a bit wet, so it's a relief when the heiress Shirley Keeldar makes her appearance half way through the novel. Shirley is something of a Calamity Jane, well-meaning, generous and fond of firing pistols, intercepting dog fights and adopting masculine expressions. Shirley becomes good friends with Caroline but she rather likes Robert, too ....

Of course, I now want to re-read Jane Eyre and Villette.


tuesday said...

I love Charlotte Bronte! She's one of my favourite authors.

PS. those covers are gorgeous (my Austens don't match, but I can't even replace them because they're in relatively good condition)

_lethe_ said...

I have bought Shirley, it arrived yesterday. :)

Not going to read it yet, I want to finish the R.I.P. Challenge first. Winter will be a good time, I think.

Vintage Reading said...

tuesday, hi. I think I'm going to re-read Villette next. It's many years since I read it. Probably get the paperback though as I've blown my budget for hardbacks for the rest of the year!

lethe, looking forward to your thoughts on Shirley.


*claire* said...

Love your blog and the pictures you take of your books. I started doing that but stopped. I think I want to take it up again. :)

Love Jane Eyre, too.

Vintage Reading said...

Claire, thank you for visiting and commenting. Charlotte Bronte fans are most welcome!! Nicola