Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Poly Styrene

Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, 3 July 1957-25 April 2011


Penny said...

I'm not 'into' punk, but I read about her when I saw your blog photo. She seems to have been a good woman and it's tragic that she had to die so young and of such a horrible disease.

LizF said...

Another one gone far too young.
I can remember seeing her at the start of their set in a very hot and crowded venue in London right at the start of punk but I didn't see much else as all the rest of the audience were much taller than me and started pogoing like mad!

Vintage Reading said...

Penny, I liked the energy and creativity of punk and Poly had one of the best voices - she had classical training. I was very sad that she died.

LizF, I'd love to have seen Poly in her prime! Identity is one of my favourite tracks.