Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Irene Dische

Funny how books suddenly attract your attention. I first heard about The Empress of Weehawken on that excellent but now sadly defunct site Readerville where it was getting some good reviews. I saw it again on Caustic Cover Critic which reminded me to put it on my tbr list. I finally got around to ordering it last week and started reading it at the weekend.

But ... I can't get into it. Not that it's a bad book but I still have a head full of The House of Mirth and Lily Bart is following me around. I need to read more Edith Wharton. Having exhausted my book budget (currently one paperback per month) I made a quick trip to the library after work yesterday evening and picked up Ethan Frome and Hermione Lee's Wharton biography.
The Empress of Weehawken is temporarily on hold.


Mad Housewife said...

I don't know Irene Dische, but I have felt it impossible sometimes to make the transition from a classic to a well-reviewed contemporary book. It also happens to contemporary book fans who switch to the classics.

Go with Edith Wharton!

Paperback Reader said...

I really enjoyed Ethan Frome.

Emily said...

Ooh, I LOVED Lee's biography of Wharton. You have a treat in store!